TTF Rules

Chapter 1 Overview

Article 1

The first is to promote open, transparent, sharing, responsibility of the new commercial civilization, to protect the users' of TTF legitimate rights and to create and maintain harmonious Internet business environment.

Article 2

This rule applies to the users who use any products or services  of TTF (collectively "Service") .

Article 3

Users are equal on the applicable  of rules.

Article 4

Users should comply with state laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules and other normative documents and protocols toTTF and signed the Terms of Service to TTF, the site rules.

Article 5

If this rule is in conflict with the agreement signed by users and TTF, the two sides agreed prevail agreement. The agreement is not agreed, the application of this rule. No provision of this rule, the right to exercise discretion to TTF, but TTF to the user process can not absolve the user bounden liability.

Article 6

TTF has the right to amend this rule if it is needed,and it will come to effect once the amendments are announcedon TTF website.

Chapter 2

Article 7

TTF: that TTF website, the domain name are:;;

Article 8

User: refers to the people who use the services of TTF.

Article 9

Member: refers to the users who signed a "TTF Terms of Service" and complete the  registration process. A member can have multiple accounts, each account corresponds to a unique Username.

Article 10

Buyer: refers to people browse or purchase products or publish  inquiry.

Article 11

Seller: refers to people who post  product information,company information or publish quotations.

Article 12

Evaluation: After successful  online trading, commentary parties give their evaluation about the transaction. on the other side of transactions made daily And the evaluation records is an important mark for the trading situation, the user should  ensure a fair, objective and true evaluation.


The complaining party: the Natural persons, legal persons and other economic organizations who initiated the complaint.


Espondent Party: Refers to users of TTF who is complained by the complaining party.


Notice and relevant documents were submitted by the complainant to TTF, after receiving complaints notify from the complaining party.


Shop:Also known as a dedicated Website, it is one of the sites sellers engaged in business activities in TTF.


Shop domain name:Users can click a link or enter shop domain name into the corresponding shop, the TTF shop domain name is in the form of  *


Penalties:Refers to the users are due to their own violations be processed, including: warning, off the shelf, delete, down the right, the right to limit the account, the account closure and so on.

Warning:Fly every day it refers that TTFwarn according to  telephone, text messaging, e-mail or other forms users that their behavior has constituted a violation, it shall be corrected,otherwise, they will be given more stringent treatment.

Shelves:Refers to TTF will bring the illegal information off the shelf which users can still make changes, once the revised information is correct, it can be released again.

Delete:Refers toTTF will delete the illegal information which it can not be modified after the information is deleted.

Down the right:
It refers users  publish product information sorted by Post.

Account limit the right to:
Refers to the TTF suspend users, including but not limited to, the following rights: to suspend access to shop, the next frame or deleting process (if any) for all the information has been published, suspended product information or purchase orders, quotations and other operating authority . Users are limited to the right to limit the right in the duration of their service fees (including, but not limited to, integrity through service fees, if any) calculated as usual, length of service will not be extended.

Account closed:
any service is Terminated by TTF to users, and not to retreat back service fees (if any).

Transaction Services.'s Transaction Services are designed to facilitate registered members of the TTF Sites to place, accept, conclude, manage and fulfill orders for the provision of products and services online within the Sites (“Online Transactions”), which may include certain services which will be either supported by (i) TTF reserves the right to change, upgrade, modify, limit or suspend the Transaction Services or any of its related functionalities or applications at any time temporarily or permanently without prior notice. TTF further reserves the right to introduce new features, functionalities or applications to the Transaction Services or to future versions of the Transaction Services. All new features, functionalities, applications, modifications, upgrades and alterations shall be governed by this Agreement, unless otherwise expressly stated by TTF.

Members Only.  TTF's Transaction Services are only available to registered members of the Sites.  If your subscription to the paid or free membership of the  Sites expires or is early terminated for any reason, you are not eligible to use the Transaction Services.  In the event that you have a valid Online Transaction under this Agreement whilst your paid or free membership registration on the Sites is terminated, shall have the full discretion and authority to refund to Buyer and/or release to Seller (both Buyer and Seller as defined below) all or part of the funds under the Online Transactions as considers appropriate.   If you are a Seller, you are required to a valid bank account subject to verification and confirmation by and our affiliates.

Types of Transactions.'s Transaction Services are available to types of Online Transactions permitted by only.  For any type of Online Transactions, may limit any or all of the Transaction Services to a specified group of members in accordance with the relevant Transactional Terms.  The types of Online Transactions and other benefits, features and functions of the Transaction Services available to a registered member may vary for different countries and regions.  No warranty or representation is given that the same type and extent of transactions, benefits, features and functions will be available to all members.

Lawful Items.The products or services of an Online Transaction using the Transaction Services must be lawful items and must not be otherwise prohibited or restricted by this clause.  You shall not use the Transaction Services in connection with any Online Transaction that:

(a)  may infringe's or any third party’s legitimate rights including but not limited to copyright, trademark right, patent or other intellectual property rights.

(b) may be in breach of the Product Listing Policy or the Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Protection Policy;

(c) may be in breach of other terms of this Agreement including the Transactional Terms and the General Terms.

2.5 Refuse or Cancel Transactions.  Apart from clause 2.4, reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any Online Transaction for any reason. Some situations that may result in an Online Transaction being rejected or canceled include where problems are identified by our credit and fraud control department, where  has reason to believe the Online Transaction is unauthorized, violates any law, rule or regulations or may otherwise subject or any of our affiliates to liability. may also require additional verifications or information for any Online Transaction.

2.6 Transactional Terms.  For any type of Online Transactions, may impose additional restrictions, limitations and prohibitions as well as penalties for any violations in the relevant Transactional Terms.

2.7 Disputes between Buyers and Sellers. You agree that any Dispute arising between you and the other party to an Online Transaction will be handled in accordance with clause 10, and that shall have the full right and power to make a determination for such Dispute.  Upon receipt of a Dispute, shall have the right to request either or both of Buyer and Seller to provide supporting documents.  You agree that shall have the absolute discretion to reject or receive any supporting document. You also acknowledge that is not a judicial or arbitration institution and will make the determinations only as an ordinary non-professional person.   Further, we do not warrant that the supporting documents that the parties to the Dispute submit will be true, complete or accurate.  You agree not to hold and our affiliates liable for any material which is untrue or misleading.

3.  Transactions between Sellers and Buyers

3.1 Seller and Buyer.  For the purpose of this Agreement, the term “Seller” means the registered member who supplies the product(s) or service(s) under an Online Transaction, and the term “Buyer” means the registered member who purchases or acquires the product(s) or service(s) under an Online Transaction.

3.2 Online Order.  Seller and Buyer shall enter into an Online Transaction for products or services by completing, submitting and accepting an order online using the applicable standard order form on the Sites.  Seller and Buyer yourselves shall be responsible for ensuring that you have agreed to, and specified, all the relevant terms and conditions for the products or services in the relevant online order form, including but not limited to the pricing, quantity, specifications, quality standards, inspection, shipping etc. may refuse to process or cancel any Online Transaction which in's reasonable opinion, has insufficient information to constitute a binding contract.

3.3 Online Transactions Subject to This Agreement.  An Online Transaction is additionally subject to the applicable terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and the Transactional Terms.  Seller and Buyer shall complete the Online Transaction according to the terms of the online order, the relevant Transactional Terms and this Agreement.  Seller or Buyer may only cancel any Online Transaction according to the relevant Transactional Terms.

3.4 Transaction between Seller and Buyer Only. Each Online Transaction is made by and between a Seller and a Buyer only.   Despite that provides the Transaction Services and, if applicable, may conduct formality review of an Online Transaction, TTF shall not be considered as a party to the Online Transaction.  TTF does not represent Seller or Buyer in any Online Transaction.  TTF will not be responsible for the quality, safety, lawfulness or availability of the products or services offered under any Online Transaction or the ability of either Seller or Buyer to complete any Online Transaction.  You agree that you will not hold TTF and our affiliates and agents liable for any losses, damages, claims, liabilities, costs or expenses arising from any Online Transactions, including any breach, partial performance or non-performance of the Online Transaction by the other party to the transaction.

3.5 Third Party Vendors.  You may engage one or more third party vendors for the purpose of completing and fulfilling an Online Transaction such as the warehousing and logistic service companies, shipping agents, inspection agents, insurance companies, etc.   Some of such third party vendors may be partners of and thus designated by to you.  Among such designated partners, you may be required to agree and accept the terms and conditions of their services online within the Sites.  Notwithstanding the foregoing circumstances, for all third party vendors, you acknowledge and agree that such third party vendors are engaged at your own discretion and cost and that you will not hold and our affiliates and agents liable for any losses, damages, claims, liabilities, costs or expenses arising from the services of such third party vendors.

3.6 Your Agent. If you are required to conclude and complete an Online Transaction through an agent e.g. a Seller may be required to engage a qualified import and export agent as its export agent, such agent is merely an agent of you.   If any obligations are required to be performed by the agent, you shall remain solely liable to the other party of the Online Transaction for the non-performance or default by your agent.

4.  Member’s Responsibilities

4.1 Provision of Information and Assistance.  You agree to give all notices, provide all necessary information, materials and approval, and render all reasonable assistance and cooperation necessary for the completion of the Online Transactions and's provision of the Transaction Services.  If your failure to do so results in delay in the provision of any Transaction Service, cancellation of any Online Transaction, or disposal of any funds, shall not be liable for any loss or damages arising from such default.

4.2 Representations and Warranties.  You represent and warrant that:

(a)  you will use the Transaction Services in good faith and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations,including laws related to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing;

(b)  all information and material you provide in connection with the use of the Transaction Services is true, lawful and accurate, and is not false, misleading or deceptive;

(c)  you will not use the Transaction Services to defraud, our affiliates, or other members or users of the Sites or engage in other unlawful activities (including without limitation dealing in products prohibited by law); and

(d)  in case that you are a Seller of products, you have the legitimate right and authorization to sell, distribute or export the products using the Transaction Services and such products do not infringe any third party’s rights; and

(e) in case that you are a Seller of products, you have good title to the products ordered under the Online Transaction, and the products meet the agreed descriptions and requirements; and

(f) in case that you are a Seller of services, you will provide the services ordered with reasonable care and skills.

4.3 Feedback System.  You shall not take any action which may undermine the integrity of feedback system, such as providing positive feedback on oneself on the  Sites using secondary Member IDs or through third parties or by providing unsubstantiated negative feedback on another member on the Sites.

4.4 Indemnification by Member.   You agree to indemnify TTF and our affiliates, employees, directors, officers, agents and representatives and to hold them harmless, from any and all losses, damages, actions, claims and liabilities (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) which may arise, directly or indirectly, from your use of the Transaction Services or from your breach of this Agreement.  TTF reserves the right, at our own discretion, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you, in which event you shall cooperate with in asserting any available defenses.

4.5 Collection and Use of Information.

You acknowledge and agree that TTF may, through your use of the Transaction Services, collect information about you and your Online Transactions, including but not limited to your credit information, business information, personal information (such as applicant name and home address), and financial information (the “Collected Information”).  TTF reserves the right to use the Collected Information for the purposes set forth in this Agreement and in the manner set out in the Website’s Privacy Policy.  You further acknowledge and agree that TTF may use the Collected Information for use in the operation, marketing and promotion of the Website as well as the Website’s products and services.
If you have applied for and used the e-Credit Line services of  TTF , you further acknowledge and agree that TTF shall have the right to use the Collected Information to facilitate the administration, processing, and operation of your use of the services and disclose the Collected Information to the relevant third party financial services institution designated by TTF solely for the purposes of facilitating your application and use of the e-Credit Line services.  In connection with your use of the e-Credit Line services, TTF may use the Collected Information in the manner set out in the privacy policy and/or personal information collection statement relevant to the e-Credit Line services that you have agreed to prior to or during your application for and use of the e-Credit Line services.

5.  Confidentiality

5.1 Confidential Obligations.  You shall keep confidential all confidential information provided by other members of the TTF Sites or in connection with any Online Transaction or the Transaction Services.

5.2 Confidential Information.  All information and material provided by another member of the TTF Sites or will be deemed to be confidential information unless such information or material is already in the public domain or has subsequently becomes public other than due to your breach of the confidential obligations.

6.  Force Majeure

6.1 Force Majeure. Under no circumstances shall TTF and our affiliates and agents be held liable for any delay or failure or disruption of the Transaction Services resulting directly or indirectly from acts of nature, forces or causes beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation, acts of God, Internet failures, computer, telecommunications or any other equipment failures, electrical power failures, strikes, labour disputes, riots, insurrections, civil disturbances, shortages of labour or materials, terrorism, war, governmental actions, orders of domestic or foreign courts or tribunals.

7.  Notices

7.1 Notices.  Except as explicitly stated otherwise, legal notices shall be served on you by sending notices to the email address in your latest membership profile on the TTF Sites.  Notice shall be deemed given 24 hours after email is sent, unless we are notified that the email address is invalid.   Alternatively, we may give you legal notices by mail to the address in your latest membership profile in which case the notice shall be deemed given five days after the date of mailing.  Except as explicitly stated otherwise, legal notices shall be served on TTF by sending the notices to TTF.

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